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Forrest Murray Software Engineer Six Vertical


Angular 4/5, Typescript, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS/Sass, SOQL

Software & Tools

Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Communities, APTTUS CPQ, APTTUS E-Commerce, Github, BitBucket, Jira, npm


Forrest Murray

Software Engineer Specialist (Angular, Salesforce, APTTUS)
Austin, Texas

Forrest is a software engineer with advanced skills and knowledge of Angular 4, Typescript and Javascript. He has project experience building APTTUS- and Salesforce-integrated progressive web applications.

Forrest is the Practice Manager of Six Vertical's Enterprise Commerce Practice. He's a leader of our talent development programs and drives innovation for our B2B commerce framework.

Forrest is an active contributor to the Angular and Salesforce developer communities.

Featured Client Projects

KUKA / E-Commerce Phase 2018
Role: Front-End (Angular) Developer

Forrest is a lead developer on the third phase of KUKA's e-commerce marketplace initiative. Forrest has ownership of all front-end development for shop.kuka.com. 

He is helping KUKA adopt more of Six Vertical's B2B commerce Progressive Web App framework. He is developing custom Angular components for new features and building deep data integrations between the engagement layer and the core Salesforce Community and APTTUS E-Commerce application.

Forrest also serves as the dev ops lead on the engineering team. He leads the continuous integration and deployment processes. He works closely with the client's internal developers and the enterprise IT team based in Augsburg, Germany.

KUKA / E-Commerce Phase 2.2
Role: Front-End (Angular) Developer

Forrest played on instrumental role developing KUKA's global e-commerce marketplace.

He was responsible for building all screens of a single-page applications that encompassed the e-commerce storefront and its related Salesforce Customer Community.

Forrest frequently collaborated with the UI design team and client stakeholders. He was responsible for synthesizing solution documentation and UX research artifacts and turning them into high-quality web responsive screens supportive of complex B2B commerce use cases.

Forrest also led the pair programming initiative with the client's developers. He meets with the developers twice a week and trains them on Six Vertical's front-end commerce framework.

Through his efforts, KUKA's development team has accelerated their knowledge acquisition and productivity.

Get to know Forrest 

Forrest Murray Software Engineer

Q&A with Forrest Murray, Software Engineer

Forrest was founder at ag-tech startup Loom where he built a system for tracking plant growth and environmental conditions. He has a background in ecology and agriculture and is driven by the opportunity to solve complex challenges.