Report: Switching to Salesforce Lightning Reduces App Developer Turnover

Salesforce Lightning reduces Salesforce developer churn

Salesforce Lightning helps companies deliver a modern user experience to both employees and customers. Salesforce also touts that Lightning provides app developers with a better engineering experience and enables them to bring new applications to market faster. 

However you slice it, Salesforce Lightning is the next generation of the Salesforce platform. 

Salesforce collaborated with Forrester Consulting to create a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report that examined the potential return on investment (ROI) companies could realize by switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. The report is based on data collected over two years from multiple Salesforce customers and designed to help Salesforce customers better understand the benefits and risks of making the switch to Lightning.

One statistic that jumped out at me was a startling eighty percent (80%) reduction in application developer turnover rates. The report states that the companies interviewed experienced an increase in developer engagement that led to saving nearly $170,000 on hiring costs after they deployed Lightning. 

As said in my previous post Salesforce's rapid growth has created a global talent deficit for Salesforce developers. There aren't enough Salesforce developers to meet the demands of the customer base and hiring competent Salesforce developers with advanced skills is expensive.

The TEI report provides insights into how migrating to Lightning can reduce Salesforce developer churn and help companies retain talent at this important engineering position.

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