Getting Started


What We Do

Six Vertical creates front-end web development for clients. We use written content as a teaching source for our audience, which consists of current and potential clients. Our blog is read by thousands each month, and we want to be their go-to source for information. 

Pricing Structure

B2B writers are paid $20/hour. Please send invoices every two weeks to You can download the invoice here.

Payouts are made every other Monday via direct deposit. 

The On-boarding Process

Sign and Return Form W9

Download the W9 and email to

Sign and Return Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Download the direct deposit authorization form and email to

Respond to Slack Invitation

Slack is our company-wide communication tool. This is the tool you will use to communicate with our content manager. Slack is also where we post news and updates from the team. 

How to access Slack:

  1. Watch for an invitation to join Six Vertical on Slack.
  2. Click the "join now" button to register.
  3. Visit
  4. Click the “writers_community” tab on the lefthand side.

Respond to Trello Invitation

We use Trello to manage tasks and the article production workflow. You will use Trello to communicate with our content manager and track the status of your article as it moves through the workflow.

Trello is organized into columns with each column representing a stage in the article workflow process. 

How to access Trello:

  1. Watch for an invitation to join “Six Vertical Writer's Center.”
  2. Click "see the team."
  3. Click "join team."
  4. Fill in information to register.
  5. Under the "boards" tab, click "Six Vertical Writers."

Write an "About the Author"

Submit a few sentences about yourself and include a professional photo of you. This excerpt will appear at the bottom of all your published articles on Six Vertical's website.

You can include things such as where you're from, where you graduated, information about your degree, your professional experience and links to your website or portfolio. 

Please submit your excerpt to Shaelynn Miller via Slack or email (

Getting Started

You’re ready to begin writing! Follow the Writing Guidelines for all your articles, and view our Writing Process page for a step-by-step breakdown on how to submit an article. 

Please reach out to me with any questions, and welcome to the team!