Help Guide


How to Upload Your Content

Please use Google Docs for your outlines and articles.

How we use Google Docs:

1. Writers share outlines and articles

2. Editors make changes and comments

3. Writers view changes and comments

How to share a document:

1. Open a new Google Doc.

2. After writing your outline or draft, click “share” in the top right.

share edited 2.jpg

3. Click "advanced" in the bottom right.

advanced edited2.jpg

4. Click "change" under "who has access."

change edited.jpg

5.  Select "anyone with the link."

link sharing edited.jpg

6. At the bottom of the box, click the dropdown menu and select "can edit."

can edit edited.png

7. Click "save."

8. Copy and paste the link into the description on your Trello card.