The Writing Process


The list below includes step-by-step instructions on how to submit and manage your articles through the workflow with our content manager.

1. View topic ideas in the "abstracts" column on Trello.

2. Claim an idea by selecting "members" on the card and choosing your name.

3. Review the abstract and ask questions if needed. Please follow the abstract when writing your article. 

4. Start writing your article. Move the Trello card from to "article in progress" when you are ready to begin. Please write a few drafts on your own and edit your piece before submitting it.

5. Submit your article by attaching it to the Trello card as a Google Doc. Move the tab to “ready for editorial review.”

6. An editor will edit your article. An editor will move your article into the “editorial review in progress” column and edit your article for grammar, flow and tone.

7. Review your article. An editor will move your article into the “ready for writer updates” column. Review your article and view the editorial comments. Feel free to reach out to your content manager with any questions you have regarding the editorial changes.

8. An editor will review your article. Move your card from "ready for writer updates" to "final review."

9. You’re finished! Your part of the writing process is complete. An editor will move the Trello card to “ready to publish.”

10. Your article is published once you see it in the “published” column. Congratulations!


Your article will be posted on our website, shared on social media and sent to our email subscribers.  Feel free to share your content on your own social media pages as well. You can view our blog here