Writing Guidelines


The Six Vertical blog is a tool for our clients and other business professionals. We provide them with information, how-to guides and tips on a variety of topics that can aid them as they continue to grow their business. 

Audience & Tone

Our readers are business-minded professionals. They're salespeople, marketing practitioners, designers, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

They're eager to learn the latest strategies and techniques to do their jobs better. They make decisions and are responsible for producing results.

They're serious about what they do and want straightforward practical advice. They're not interested in hacks or gimmicks and want to be spoken to like an adult.

Word Count

All articles must be at least 1,000 words in length. 

Content Quality

We expect well-researched articles that show you have a strong grasp of the subject matter. Keep our audience in mind when developing your pitch and writing your article.

All articles must include the following:

  • Headline (title): Construct a catchy headline to attract readers. 
  • Lead paragraph: Your lead paragraph will introduce your article. State the purpose of your article and provide an overview of what you will discuss in your article.
  • Subheadings: Divide your article into logical sections, using subheadings to separate them.
  • Closing paragraph: Provide a brief summary of the main points discussed in the article. If applicable to your topic, please include a call to action.

Original Content

Your articles should be original content. Always cite your sources, whether you use their work directly (quotes) or indirectly (paraphrasing). We analyze all articles for plagiarism using Quetext and will reject copied content.

Photo and Video Content

Photos, graphics and videos are excellent tools to help your article stand out.  Please note this step is not required. We provide images for the articles. Please follow the following guidelines if you choose to include visuals with your article: 


Photos and videos must fit Six Vertical’s professional tone. Please visit our website for examples of quality visual content.


Make sure you have permission to use content you did not create. This step is vital. Here’s how to know what is OK to use:

You can embed public images without seeking permission first. This is because the image does not live on our site; it lives on the original source. An example of this is embedding content from Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

If you want to upload an image directly (meaning it lives on Six Vertical’s website), notify your content manager in the comments on your Trello card.  He or she will seek permission from the owner.