Six Vertical worked with a prominent lifestyle brand that created the ultimate skin care system for men. With a mission to change the way men think about their skin, our client sells its products as a subscription service to customers across the globe with a portfolio that includes high-quality moisturizers, scrubs, creams and face wash. 

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Tech Stack
Shopify Plus
Laravel PHP

Site Migration
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The men's skin care brand launched its subscription commerce business on the Woo Commerce platform. As the company started to experience success, the number of orders increased rapidly. But as order volumes jumped, customers and support reps began experiencing site performance issues in the storefront and administration screens.

The company's customer support reps complained that simple lookups of customer and order information were slow and frustrating. Long waits for pages to load and data to display hurt the rep's ability to expediently handle inbound support calls.

In the eCommerce storefront, the core engagement point between customers and brand, customers also complained about speed and performance issues.  Pages load times slowed to a crawl and customers struggled to perform important tasks like managing their subscription deliveries.

As these issues mounted, our client knew it had to do something to fix the performance problems and enable its business to grow.

Shopify Plus Six Vertical Mens Skin Care Brand

The Path Forward

Global eCommerce agency Six Vertical (@sixvertical) was hired to implement a strategy to solve the performance issues and help scale its online business to new levels. 

The core of the strategy involved migrating the brand's eCommerce store from Woo Commerce to Shopify Plus (@shopify). Optimized for merchants with high-volume orders, Shopify Plus would future-proof our client's online business and enable it to expand without worrying about a slow site.

Migrating its online subscription business to a new SaaS platform was a difficult decision to make. To minimize risk, our client knew it had to find an experienced Shopify Plus partner that could execute the migration with minimal impact on its business.



Migrating the skin care brand's eCommerce business to Shopify Plus involved a careful export/import of its customer and subscription data. It was critical that customers maintained uninterrupted access to their subscriptions and could manage their deliveries unimpeded.

Our client used the Recharge (@Recharge) app for subscription management. Six Vertical developed a custom dashboard customers could access from the My Account screens.

The dashboard was developed using the Laravel PHP framework and hosted on Amazon Web Services. The front-end user interface leveraged Recharge web services to communicate with the backend subscription management platform. 

The branded dashboard seamlessly integrated into the eCommerce storefront and supported advanced subscription, profile and card-on-file management capabilities. Customers could use the custom-built dashboard to modify subscription settings, update payment information and track shipments.



The migration to Shopify Plus proved to be the right decision for the growing lifestyle brand. The new Shopify-based solution delivered fast page load times and speedy search queries.

Customer complaints about poor performance disappeared. Customer Support Reps regained their ability to quickly pull up customer information and provide great service levels over the phone.

No longer hindered by performance issues, the Six Vertical client made considerable investments in social and influencer marketing. The growing lifestyle brand could confidently drive paid traffic to its new Shopify Plus store, increase wallet share and begin to scale its business and achieve its growth goals.


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