Commerce IQ - April 12, 2018

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Emily Houghton from NetSuite says research shows 52 percent of companies are considering or are already experimenting with blockchain. Constellation Research Founder Ray Wang believes blockchain will become essential to the technology ecosystem of businesses. Find out where the blockchain trend is headed in "Blockchain: The Heart of Digital Transformation."

B2B Digital Commerce

Ralph Perdomo from Nvoicepay says electronic payments cost 90 percent less than checks. While they are significantly cheaper and faster, he says they aren't meant to replace checks. Find out the purpose of e-payments in "Business e-pay is an addition, not a replacement."

MarTech Series announces the world's first e-commerce system powered by blockchain. Vanig International embraces embraces cryptocurrency payments, shortens recall process and timelines  and more. Find out more about this new launch in "Vanig International Launches World’s First Integrated E-Commerce And Supply Chain Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain."

Aaron Orendorff from Shopify Plus says omni-channel unifies sales and marketing to create a single commerce experience across your brand. Multi-channel, on the other hand, allows customers to purchase natively wherever they browse. Find out the differences between the two and how to choose between them in "Omni-Channel vs Multi-Channel: What is the Difference and Why Does It Matter?"

Therese Palmere from Aumcore suggests retargeting users who abandoned their online carts because retargeted users are 70 percent more likely to convert. Create a sense of urgency with a limited time offer. Find out more ways to increase conversions on your e-commerce store in "4 Simple Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Store’s Conversion Rate."

User Experience

Nikki Gilliland from Econsultancy says any business without a mobile-friendly website risks losing out on sales, or worse, a lost customer for life. Mobile is now second nature for most people, and businesses must adapt. Gain insights from the mobile website voted most user-friendly by Google in "A UX review of Etsy, the most user-friendly mobile website according to Google."

E-Cubed Media Synthesis Inc. President Steven Widen says a good UX and UI designer knows how to solve the most pertinent problems for the audience. They know how to empathize with the customers and define the problems. Find out how to effectively solve design challenges in "Take These Steps To Define Your UI/UX Problem And Avoid Haphazard Changes."

Peter Lukomskyj from Elastic Path Software says the point of conversational commerce is convenience. In fact, one survey found people prefer to communicate with brands through text message rather than email, a phone call or social media. Find out the business advantages of conversational commerce in "Prepare For Conversational Commerce."

Pragati Pathrotkar from CMFE News says mobile payment methods such as improved security, a speedier checkout and loyalty integration are encouraging mobile commerce growth. Though still in its early stages, the technological advancements lead to more effective and easy-to-navigate user interfaces. Find out more about the steady growth of mobile commerce in "M-Commerce Payments Market: Companies Focus on Better User Experience to Outgun Competitors."

PYMNTS says while it's not easy giving customers what they want, going back to the basics never hurts. Make your website fast, reliable and accessible. Find out a few highlighted statistics on the latest online trends in "Secure, Seamless And Ubiquitous: Giving Customers What They Want."

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