Commerce IQ - April 16, 2018

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Anthony Kentris from Shopify Plus says while B2B and B2C e-commerce have a lot in common, some important characteristics set them apart. The number of decision-makers is larger, the sales cycles are longer and the stakes are higher. Find out what features you need for acquiring, selling and retaining B2B customers in "B2B Ecommerce Features for Acquiring, Selling & Retaining Customers."

B2B Digital Commerce

Alexander Pirinsky from Quartsoft Corp. says you must implement omnichannel, multichannel and cloud e-commerce solutions to satisfy the scaling demand for technology in online retail and wholesale. Find out what factors to consider during your digital transformation in "Digital Transformation Opportunities In E-Commerce."

Erik Larson from Apruve shares the top six risks with B2B payments, including speed, overhead and communication. Find out more risks and how much certain payment methods are costing your business in "6 Problems With B2B Payments and the Companies That Use Them."

Mark Brohan from B2BecNews says manufacturers with a successful e-commerce website planned it with a good idea of what their customers wanted online. In addition to customer-centricity, a B2B website must be able to handle complex transactions (including detailed quotes, custom pricing and product specifications). Find out more in "Manufacturers’ winning formulas for growth in B2B e-commerce."

User Experience

Alice Kotlyarenko from MacPaw says people can’t endure boredom for a long time. Since boredom is a lack of stimulation, she recommends using your interface to provide that much-needed stimulation. Find out the five secrets to emotional UI in "How To Design Emotional Interfaces For Boring Apps."

Digital Pulse shares how chatbots help customers in every stage of the buying process by sending welcome messages, suggesting products based on specific needs and recording customer suggestions and complaints. Find out how chatbots are crucial to the e-commerce experience in "Infographic: Is that a bot in your basket?"

Mandy Movahhed from Handshake says what catches on in B2C soon takes off in B2B too, including mobile commerce. She shares three reasons a mobile app (rather than a mobile website) works better for B2B e-commerce, including better performance and its ability to run without internet access. Find out why a native mobile app works best in "Mobile Commerce Apps in B2B: Why Native is Best."

Patricio Robles from Econsultancy says mobile apps were responsible for over half of sales from mobile devices in 2017. While apps are superior to mobile web, apps still have their challenges. Find out what challenges remain and how apps are just one piece of the omnichannel puzzle in "Mobile retail apps are beating out mobile websites."

Erika Brookes from Springbot says user experience drives the buying experience. In fact, research shows e-commerce sites that provide an optimized user experience see conversion increases up to 400 percent. Find out other e-commerce trends you can't miss in "Nine Big E-Commerce Trends That Marketers Cannot Afford to Ignore."

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