Commerce IQ - April 19, 2018

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FPX Managing Director Stephen Hardy says almost all B2B businesses have begun their digital transformation. He says in the B2B sector, it is not a question of online or offline, but about merging online into a much broader and demanding omnichannel mix that helps decision makers. Find out how to successfully embrace e-commerce in "B2B ecommerce finds growth opportunity by forging a different path."

B2B Digital Commerce

PYMNTS says the complexities of B2B e-commerce stem from the amount of data and documentation that goes into each deal. Unlike B2C, B2B transactions include price negotiations, extended payment terms, discussions over delivery and more. Find out what B2B e-commerce really involves in "B2B eCommerce Differentiates Itself From Its B2C Cousin."

Convictional Co-founder Chris Grouchy found the dropshipping process was "extremely archaic and manual across the board." He decided to do something about it and implemented a strategy that involved automation, creating a hassle-free process. Find out how it works in "How Wholesalers Can Integrate With Millions of Online Stores, Sell More, and Do Less."

Michael Hocking from PaymentEye says "always on" sales could actually be costing your business money. Over half of retailers surveyed reported the “always on” nature of sales negatively impacts their profits. Find out more in "Research reveals “always on” sales are damaging eCommerce profits."

User Experience

Andrew Shanely from Beyond says automation plays an important role in the products we create and use, and we're starting to see great opportunities for automation in UX design as well. Find out how to embrace design automation to create better products in "The Future of UX Design Is Automation."

Sean McGowan from Codal says a footer is not a bumper sticker to slap on the end of your website; it's a UX safety net. If a user scrolls to the bottom of the page and hasn't found what they're looking for, the footer is the last chance to capture the user before he or she leaves your site. Find out how to design a great footer in "UX Design Tips To Put Your Best Footer Forward."

Suzanne Scacca from Smashing Magazine shares what both users and experts say about the future of mobile pop-ups. A survey by Nielsen Norman Group shows modals (partially covering pop-ups) are the most hated mobile ad. Find out what the experts say in "Are Mobile Pop-Ups Dying? Are They Even Worth Saving?"

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