Commerce IQ - April 2, 2018

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Herbert Lui from Shopify Plus says B2B dwarfs B2C by over $2 trillion but international e-commerce remains largely untapped. Find out what the future holds for e-commerce in "What Is the Future of Ecommerce in 2018 and Beyond? 10 Trends."

B2B Digital Commerce

Dina Ely from Business 2 Community suggests finding the proper fit with digital commerce in order to complement your business operations, strategies and objectives. Find out how to transition to e-commerce with AI, digital platforms and IoT-related concepts in "B2B Digital Transformation – A Primer for 2018."

Kelly Tan from Zendesk shares three examples of companies are using omnichannel to reach their goals. Find out how these companies scale and meet customer expectations in "Three companies, three omnichannel examples."

Mallory Russell from Square shares the benefits of accepting mobile payments, including enhanced security and attracting new customers. Find out four more reasons to accept mobile payments in "6 Ways Accepting Mobile Payments Can Grow Your Business."

PYMNTS says one challenge of e-commerce is cart abandonment. Flexiti Founder and CEO Peter Kalen suggests offering a financing solution online (similar to what you would offer in person). Find out more ways to solve e-commerce challenges in "Point-Of-Sale Flexibility Inflates Spend."

User Experience

Julia Cupman from B2B International says customer experience is integral to satisfaction and loyalty. But research shows only 14 percent of large B2B companies are truly customer centric. Find out how to provide a great customer experience in "Six Steps To B2B Customer Experience Excellence."

Victoria Greene from Victoria Ecommerce says 94 percent of businesses say personalization is critical to their success. You can make the most out of personalization by recommending relevant products and sending personalized emails. Find out other ways to offer personlized experiences in "What is Dynamic Personalization and How Can My Business Make the Most of It?"

Paul Rogers from Vervaunt suggests offering tiered pricing to offer discounts based on the amount purchased. He also recommends a faster, richer auto-suggest experience to narrow down the customer's choices. Find out other B2B site search techniques in "6 Best Practices for B2B Site Search."

Author and keynote speaker Blake Morgan says B2B buyers face post-purchase anxiety; they wonder if they could have gotten a better deal and consider all the risk factors. Instill confidence in your B2B customers by addressing their specific needs. Find out how to meet your customer's functional and emotional needs in "Inside The Mind Of The B2B Customer."

Alan Smith from SPINX Digital shares the clear differences between UX and UI design. While UX design covers content, prototypes and execution, UI involves the look, feel and responsiveness of the site. Find out how UX and UI help your business in different ways in "The 3 Big Differences Between UX And UI Design."

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