Commerce IQ - April 23, 2018

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Trellis CEO Isaiah Bollinger says B2B and B2C have historically been very different. And while that's still true today, we're starting to see them overlap more over time. Customers expect B2B businesses to provide B2C-like experiences with personalization and ease of use. Find out how e-commerce is changing in "eCommerce Trends of 2018."

B2B Digital Commerce

Jillian Hufford from nChannel says no B2B seller can ignore the fact that without an e-commerce arm, you'll miss out on sales and long-term deals. Companies are now focusing on user experience, product information and mobile commerce. Find out how to stay ahead of the competition in "7 B2B Ecommerce Trends + 13 B2B Brands Changing How Businesses Buy."

Crowdz CEO Payson Johnston says many companies haven't gone online yet because of the way documents are exchanged. He says blockchain (combined with the power of the web) can help B2B traders transition online. Find out how in "Blockchain Nudges B2B Traders To The Digital Realm."

Ecommerce Guide says not everyone sticks to one device when making a purchase from your online store. These experts say measuring traffic across all devices is still in its infancy and will continue to grow throughout the years, unlocking more value for businesses. Find out what the future holds for e-commerce in "The Future of Ecommerce."

User Experience

Philosophie CEO Skot Carruth shares three ways to determine if you need to seek user input: you haven’t created a prototype yet, your design hasn’t left your office in over four weeks or your product looks like a Swiss army knife (a.k.a. you have too many features). Find out how to tell when you need user feedback in "When You Need a Product-Design Reality Check with Users."

Carrie Cousins from Design Shack says bigger and bolder is the typography trend right now. Creative typography isn't just a cool technique. When used correctly, it is a key part of your design strategy. Gain inspiration for your site typography in "8 Typography Trends for 2018."

Steven Douglas from Justinmind says push notifications are a contested issue in the UX design community. Marketers use them as gentle reminders, but some users dislike them so much that it turns them away. So the big question is: Are push notifications nifty or a nuisance? Find out when to use and avoid them in "Push Notifications – Nifty or Nuisance?"

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