Commerce IQ - April 30, 2018

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Mark Brohan from Internet Health Management says less than half of manufactures surveyed have a website that's optimized for mobile. And only 40 percent have an e-commerce site. B2B businesses must address customer needs, including online features for quick orders, reorders, product recommendations and more. Find out why digital transformation is crucial in the B2B space in "Manufacturers are slow to adopt the latest B2B website features."

Paul Demery from B2BecNews says Forrester Research predicts B2B e-commerce will reach $9 trillion in sales next year. That's nine times their original prediction. In their latest report, Forrester breaks down projected 2018 commerce figures across six B2B e-commerce channels. Find out their predictions in "Mapping $9 trillion in U.S. B2B e-commerce."

KWIPPED Chief Marketing Officer Robin Salter is taking on B2B e-commerce in a different way: rentals. He says while construction equipment is widely available to rent, other specialized equipment is more difficult to come by. Find out how KWIPPED solves this challenge in "B2B Marketplaces are no Longer Just for Buying, KWIPPED."

PYMNTS says warehouses are not designed to keep up with the increasing pace of online orders. Experts found that the average U.S. warehouse is 30 years old, many of which have low ceilings and tight spaces. Find out more about this issue in "Warehouses Aren’t Keeping Up With eCommerce."

Beatrice McGraw from ExportHub says to gain maximum attention for a service or product, you must first earn a reputation. She compiled a list of B2B businesses who are making a significant name in the buying and selling world. Find out her top picks in "Best B2B Marketplaces to Expand your Business."

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