Commerce IQ - April 9, 2018

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Paradigm B2B CEO Andy Hoar says manufacturers and distributors have no choice but to get on board with digital commerce. He says B2B e-commerce is growing rapidly because digitally native customers are now making buying decisions in many B2B organizations, and they turn online first. Find out why it's urgent to embrace digital commerce in "Q&A: Andy Hoar discusses the inaugural B2B Next conference."

B2B Digital Commerce

PayArc Principal Jared Ronski says mobile commerce accounted for $156 billion of revenue in 2017. Ronski answers three frequently asked questions people have when it comes to implementing a mobile-friendly site (including what matters most in a mobile app payment gateway) in "PayArc: The Mad Grab for Mobile."

PYMNTS says Icon Solutions Commander in Chief Gene Neyer predicts real-time payments technology will overtake the industry slowly but surely. He shares how businesses can prepare and adapt to the change in "How Real-Time Payments Change Consumer Bill Pay."

Chris Richardson from Trellis says mobile, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are the e-commerce trends to watch this year. At the start of 2018, mobile accounted for just over half of internet traffic, and it's only expected to rise from there. Find out more about these upcoming e-commerce trends in "3 B2B e-Commerce Trends to Watch Out for in 2018."

F. Curtis Barry & Co. President Brian Barry shares a few ways to manage your e-commerce warehouse slotting if you aren't ready to implement an automated system. He shares how to create an analysis report and four key things you need to consider when managing your process. Find out more in "How to Improve Your Ecommerce Warehouse Slotting."

User Experience

Brianne Price from Demac Media says B2B buyers expect an online shopping experience as seamless as the B2C experience. Online product catalogs deliver the B2C experience people want by providing real-time information. Find out other ways digital catalogs improve buying experience in "Online Product Catalogs: 4 Ways They Enhance Your B2B Buying Experience."

Laurence Goasduff from Gartner says chatbots are time-saving and easy to interact with. They're being used not only for customer assistance, but within businesses as well. See Gartner's example of how a chatbot narrows six actions down to one request in "Chatbots Will Appeal to Modern Workers."

Sana Commerce says personalized marketing's biggest benefit is relevance. Customers appreciate relevance because it feels as if you're speaking directly to them. Your customers then feel valued. But where do you draw the line between personalization and privacy? Find out in "Personalized Marketing and Privacy in the B2B World."

Kirsi Tarvainen from SAP Hybris says machine learning boosts customer service and saves time. Chatbots can find information within a matter of seconds. Find out how machine learning improves customer experience in "Meet machine learning, your new favorite colleague."

UX and Graphic designer Lucia Kolesárová encourages designers to think outside the screens. She urges them to think about current technologies, touch and motor skills. Find out how to consider real human experiences and motions while designing your next product in "Designing For The Tactile Experience."

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