Commerce IQ - June 11, 2018

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Karie Daudt from Insite Software shares five areas within B2B e-commerce that can give your business a competitive edge when handled effectively. These areas include pricing complexity, mobile experience and post-purchase activity. Find out how to thrive in these areas and more in "Why some distributors are thriving in the digital age."

Michael Hocking from PaymentEye says today's B2B buyers want to buy how they want, when they want and where they want. People don't solely work a nine to five anymore. They want to be able to make purchases after typical business hours if needed. This doesn't only require a change in technology, Hocking says, but also a fundamental change in mindset. Find out more in "Millennials are transforming B2B payments."

Sana Commerce answers the top six questions about B2B e-commerce. What are the advantages? What does going digital mean for your business? How can dada be secured in a web store? Get answers to these burning questions and more in "Answers to the 6 B2B E-Commerce Questions You’re Dying to Know."

Unilog shares the key takeaways from the fifth B2B Online event, including the fear of online channel shift and how to engage with buyers. Find out what the experts say about these topics and more in "B2B Online Event Spurs Big Crowds, Great Discussions, and Prevalent Topics."

Business Wire shares data from a recent survey on B2B e-commerce. These findings reaveal that transparency concerns slow B2B e-commerce adoption, business reputation trumps price in B2B purchases and buyers’ expectations stem from personal buying experiences. Find out more in "BigCommerce Survey Identifies Ecommerce as a Growing Component of B2B Sales."

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