Commerce IQ - June 14, 2018

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Teryn O'Brien from SiliconANGLE says B2C experiences are becoming more demanding, and the B2B marketplace has to follow its lead because that's what today's customers expect. Find out how digital commerce is evolving in "E-commerce ‘destroying the retail orthodoxies’; B2B selling must follow B2C trends."

Insite Software says a B2B buyer is usually purchasing something they were instructed to buy, and the B2B researcher is responsible for researching and finding the needed products or services. Knowing this, you can provide the best experience for your buyers by mapping out a process to improve their productivity. Find out more about the B2B buyer in "Digital Transformation and the B2B Buyer."

Ling Wong from Apruve says offering flexible payment options increases sales by reducing cart abandonment, increasing conversions, building loyalty and more. Find out other benefits of flexible payments and how to execute it in "How to use Flexible Payment Terms to Increase B2B Ecommerce Sales."

Monica Orrigo from Handshake says the fulfillment process boils down to making effective decisions about what you have to sell, whether a customer is likely to buy it and how to get it to the customer if they do. She breaks it down into different parts, starting with demand planning and inventory management. Find out how to solve fulfillment challenges in "How to Improve Your Order Fulfillment Process."

Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana explains the differences between horizontal and vertical e-commerce. Find out which category your business fits into in "Horizontal vs. Vertical E-commerce."

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