Commerce IQ - June 18, 2018

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Rachael Genson from BigCommerce shares what's new in B2B e-commerce. The B2B buyer is changing, most B2B payment transactions are completed through a website and B2B online sales are continuing to grow. Find out more e-commerce trends in "The B2B Ecommerce Trends Report: Millennial Buyers, Payment Options and a Maturing Market."

Web Marketing ROI CEO James Spittal says as your site traffic continues to grow, you should ask yourself how you can increase conversions. He recommends developing a clear and concise sales funnel and trying different strategies. Find out how to improve conversions in "The Best 4 Tips to Improve Conversions on Your B2B Website."

Insite Software says B2B sales is all about relationships. It's necessary to meet the buyer's expectations and provide a great buying experience. This is where omnichannel comes in. Find out the four reasons embracing digital is great for your business in "The Future of B2B eCommerce is Omnichannel."

Ami Linish from Trellis says the e-commerce platform you choose depends on your business, functional and technical requirements. Determine your requirements and see your platform options in "Which eCommerce Platform is Right for Your Business?"

Ian McCue from NetSuite shares how several businesses are delivering great commerce experiences. One business says they bring personalized experiences to the cloud, and another shares how they maximize revenue from high-value customers. Find out more in "Businesses Reveal How They’re Building Next-Gen Commerce Experiences at SuiteWorld18."

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