Commerce IQ - June 21, 2018

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Comalytics CEO Jannie du Toit says implementing a three-layer approach to B2B e-commerce can increase your sales. The first layer is to implement one B2B online system for your customers. This allows 24/7 service, broader sales and access to account details and prices. Find out the other two layers in "B2B e-commerce: three layers to growth."

Credit Key CEO John Tomich estimates the B2B e-commerce market is about 15 years behind B2C’s. But he says this is changing. Find out how going digital is changing business interactions and payments in "B2B’s Mission To Replicate B2C’s Point-of-Purchase Financing Success."

Mark Brohan from B2BecNews says manufacturers and distributers are still figuring out the new realm of B2B e-commerce. B2B e-commerce site attributes their success to acquiring and converting customers with the ease and convenience of purchasing online. Find out more about this strategy in "Converting buyers is the name of the game in B2B commerce."

Unilog SVP of Strategy Joe Bennett shares five important pieces to B2B e-commerce success, including content, integration and personalization. Find out how to implement these factors and more in "5 Critical Components for B2B eCommerce Success From Unilog’s Top Strategist."

Kristin Swenson from NetSuite shares insights from three e-commerce experts. Half of product searches start on Amazon, so one expert said it's more important now than ever to establish an e-commerce strategy. Find out three approaches to Amazon Business and how to strategically partner with Amazon in "Lessons from Amazon’s Entry into B2B."

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