Commerce IQ - June 25, 2018

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Fusion Marketing Partners CEO Christopher Ryan says B2B innovation can involve changes at the upper end of the market or can be as basic as changing pricing, packaging or delivery. Find out his five tips for B2B innovation (including separating the innovators from the sustainers) in "The B2B Innovation Imperative."

Oro Inc. CEO Yoav Kutner says blockchain can stand as a security measure for B2B entrepreneurs, including the issuance and transfer of financial securities to gift cards, mobile minutes, energy credits and even loyalty points. Find out how blockchain facilitates secure payments in "Blockchain—the smart road ahead for B2B e‑commerce."

Insite Software says B2B e-commerce is growing, and some experts predict it will exceed $1 trillion by 2019. As fast as the market is growing, many businesses still have yet to commit to an e-commerce platform. Find out five important things to consider when choosing your platform in "5 Essential Considerations When Choosing a B2B eCommerce Platform."

Jimmy Duvall from BigCommerce says e-commerce is no longer a channel that B2B brands can ignore. He shares three key steps to e-commerce success, including aligning experiences with customer expectations and competing on quality. Find out how to embrace the e-commerce opportunity in"B2B Ecommerce Success: 3 Steps to Learn from B2C Merchants."

Richard Adhikari from ECT News Network says the convenience of purchasing products or services online rather than through a live salesperson is the root of the problem in the B2B buyer-seller divide. Another issue is trust; venders are much more likely to close a deal if they are open and honest about their products. Find out how to solve these issues and more in "How B2B Sellers Can Keep Buyers Engaged."

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