Commerce IQ - June 28, 2018

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3dcart Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Rodriguez says features such as a mobile-ready online store and quick ordering help increase conversion rates. He attributes this to one goal: speed. Find out why speed is important in B2B and how to accelerate the buying process in "How Speed Improves Your B2B Conversion Rate Optimization."

Jordan Bryan from Smarter with Gartner says selling is harder today than in the past because buyers are turning to other sources (besides the organization) to research the products or services. This leaves the company with little control over what information the buyer receives. To solve this issue, you must foster trust. Find out how to build trust between buyer and seller in "Sales Must Be a Trusted Resource for B2B Buyers."

Mark Brohan from B2BecNews says over 60 percent of distributors have an e-commerce site and over 80 percent without one intend to add a commerce-enabled website within two years. Find out what manufacturers and distributors are spending on e-commerce in "Infographic: Manufacturers and distributors commit to e‑commerce."

Concinnus Financial President Nicholas Rossolillo shares insight into Salesforce's recent acquisition of CloudCraze. This enables Salesforce to help make the B2B process an easier, seamless process. Find out more in "Why Business-to-Business Digital Commerce Gets Salesforce So Excited."

Karie Daudt from Insite Software shares five problems manufacturers must overcome to maximize their e-commerce site's potential, including pricing complexities. Find out these challenges and how to solve them in "2018’s Top 5 eCommerce Disruptors for Manufacturers."

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