Commerce IQ - June 4, 2018

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Oro Inc. Co-Founder and CRO Jary Carter says mapping the B2B buyer’s journey is key to growing e-commerce sales, as he learned during his 15 years of experience. He breaks down the whole journey from the first impression to forming a long-term relationship in "Mapping The B2B E-Commerce User Journey."

Unilog CEO Suchit Bachalli says you must have a disruption mindset to compete in today's B2B marketplace. Big companies are disrupting the distribution industry with amazing benefits like same-day delivery. But good distributors don't just push products, they provide real solutions for buyers, he says. Find out how to disrupt B2B in "To Compete in the Changing B2B Marketplace, You Need a Disruption Mindset."

Matt Noyes from FPX says a CPQ tool that supports a B2B e-commerce strategy streamlines the end customer experience by making it easy for buyers to customize products, receive price quotes and order online. He shares 10 important questions to ask yourself when seeking a CPQ solution, including if the solution will integrate with your existing platforms. Find out the rest in "Ten Questions To Ask When Shopping For A CPQ Solution."

Chris Russillo from Handshake says ordering via mobile is relatively new in the B2B realm, but those implementing it are capturing an enormous opportunity. B2B buyers want the same ease and speed they experience as an everyday consumer. Find out the mobile commerce advantages in "Mobile Commerce Definition & Why It Matters in B2B."

PYMNTS says while offering more payment options can lead to higher conversion rates, it also causes issues for businesses. Tracking the different payments can become complex, especially when working with non-electronic payments. Find out the issues and possible solutions in "More Payment Platforms Mean More Headaches For B2B Sellers."

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