Commerce IQ - March 22, 2018

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Sana Commerce says over half of B2B companies surveyed reported transitioning online due to customer demand. E-commerce integration is vital in order to provide excellent customer experiences and meet modern B2B buyer expectations. Find out how to get ahead by embracing e-commerce in "3 Reasons B2B E-Commerce Should Be Part of Your Competitive Strategy."

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Ling Wong from Apruve says free shipping and free returns are two of the best ways to encourage larger orders. Offering volume discounts and a list of past purchases also encourages customers to add more items to their cart. Find out 10 other ways to increase your online store's average order value in "How to Increase Average Order Value for Your Ecommerce Store."

Nicholas Weber from Inviqa shares some of the B2B business benefits of IoT, including stronger customer relationships, predictive maintenance and optimized products. Find how you can use machine learning to turn IoT sensor data into actionable insight in "How IoT Is Changing B2B Business Models."

B2B International gives tips for appointing and managing distributors, including seeking specialists, treating distributors as part of your company, setting strict merchandising codes and keeping the distributor interested. Find out how to do these and more in "Managing Distributors in B2B Marketing."

Natalia Forosiuk from API2Cart lists the pros and cons of accepting cryptocurrency. This payment method has high security against fraud and lower direct fees. However, it comes with a lack of stability. Weigh the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies in "Is It Time for Your eCommerce to Accept Cryptocurrency?"

User Experience Co-founder Rahul Varshneya says there is no one-size-fits-all way to improve customer experience. He breaks down how to explore the strengths and weaknesses of your site, including auditing the site, seeking customer feedback and offering virtual assistance. Find out how to do this and more in "How to Improve the User Experience of Your E-Commerce Site."

Magento Commerce says PWAs are reliable, fast and mobile-first. PWAs represent a group of new techniques that refocuses on fundamentals of the web. Gain expert insights on adapting to Progressive Web Apps in "Adapting to the New Realities of Progressive Web Apps."

Joe McKendrick from ZDNet shares three things customers want and expect: Help me faster, know me better and wow me everywhere. Find out how you can improve user experience in "What Google is learning about user experience."

Sumit Sheth from PCQuest says in order to improve UX, you must make UI the core of your business strategy. Find out seven ways to develop frictionless UX (including providing relevant content and simple navigation) in "Tips for Developing a Frictionless User Experience."

Forbes Technology Council says companies must balance risk with user experience. We don't always know who people are online, and businesses need a way to quickly weed out the bots and frauds. Find out three things businesses must do to balance trust and protection in "Don't Treat Your Customers Like Criminals: Three Ways Companies Can Improve Customer Experience."

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