Commerce IQ - March 29, 2018

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Robert Werkema from SAP Hybris shares 10 essential steps to transitioning to the online market. He suggests communicating your plans repeatedly. While this step seems obvious, Werkema says lack of communication is one of the primary reasons projects fail. Find out more digital transformation tips in "Digital transformation series: 10 Digital Transformation Tips."

B2B Digital Commerce

Infobrandz Co-founder Vikas Agrawal shares why you should embrace digital commerce. B2B e-commerce is growing fast (as it's expected to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020) and it's now easier to build an online store. Find out more reasons to turn to e-commerce in "7 Reasons Why ECommerce is the Most Lucrative Investment for New Entrepreneurs."

Matt Osborn from Apruve shares insight from Metric Digital's Co-founder and CEO, Kevin Simonson. Simonson believes the biggest struggle B2B e-commerce companies face today is implementing proper attribution tracking. Find out his e-commerce tips and more in "Metric Digital's Advice for Driving Scalable Growth in B2B Ecommerce." 

Anand Natarajan from Magento Commerce breaks down exactly what every e-commerce store needs, including a scalable solution, a mobile solution and customer engagement. Find out the crucial building blocks to future-proof your e-commerce platform in "E-commerce Business Setup - Let's Get It Right."

Alex Rolfe from Payments Cards & Mobile says PayPal CEO Dan Schulman believes mobile will continue to change the check-out process. Sales aren't going down, Schulman says, but the way people shop is changing. Find out how mobile is taking over check out in "Check out is a thing of the past – PayPal CEO."

User Experience

Lior Levy from Appsee shares six major navigation design mistakes, including not telling users where they are, using unfamiliar icons and offering too many menu options. Find out more navigation mistakes and learn from three apps that do it right in "6 Navigation Design Mistakes, And 3 Apps That Do It Right."

Stu Whyte from The BIO Agency says the boundaries between B2B and B2C are becoming blurred. The decision makers are still consumers, and they expect a customer-centric experience. Find out how customer experience is a blend of B2B and B2C in "Customer experience makes the difference – whether B2C or B2B."

Sana Commerce lists four things the best B2B web stores have in common: personalization, excellent content, ease of use and user-friendly design. Find out how to win in all these areas in "4 Usability Tips for Effective B2B Web Stores."

Usabilla says user experience is the foundation of a great customer experience. Find out what both involve and why they are important in "UX vs CX: Which is more important?"

Chitra Iyer from MarTech Advisor shares tips for combining digital ads with great UX. She suggests approaching UX with empathy. Provide non-intrusive, engaging and interactive formats that are data-driven. Find out more tips in "Digital Ads and User Experience: Frenemies Forever?"

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