Commerce IQ - May 3, 2018

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Mark Brohan from Digital Commerce 360 says while many companies have plans to launch or expand into B2B e-commerce, most are still in the early development stages. According to a survey of 300 companies, 72 percent believe selling through B2B e-commerce is important to digital transformation and 63 percent have an e-commerce strategy. Find out more of these survey results in "Companies build gradually toward B2B e‑commerce."

David Jones from ECT News Network says venders have a better chance of closing deals when they're upfront and honest. One expert says when it comes to B2B enterprise purchase influencers, research shows the initial strategic discussions originate from peer referrals and analyst recommendations. Businesses can help themselves by being upfront, honest and transparent from the start. Find out more in "Honesty Proves Best Policy for Closing B2B Deals: Study."

TradeGecko says businesses must invest more time and money into technology in order to better manage their business and stay ahead of the competition. Stay up front by keeping up with the latest e-commerce trends. Find out the top delivery options, largest e-commerce markets in the world and more in "B2B eCommerce Trends 2018."

Khrystyna Oliinyk from API2Cart says omni-channel is a comparatively new term that is often confused with multi-channel. Multi-channel allows customers to purchase from various channels, while omni-channel provides an integrated, seamless experience between the channels. Find out the differences between the two in "Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel: Principal Differences."

Virto Commerce addresses the top five B2B e-commerce challenges, including product assortment, contract-based pricing and multiple vendor catalogs. Find out more challenges and how to solve them in "Top 5 B2B eCommerce challenges and solutions."

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