Commerce IQ - May 7, 2018

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Hill & Markes eCommerce Manager Mike Powers said once their company site was launched, he and his fellow co-workers knew their work was only beginning. Now they had to find ways to encourage their customers to use the site. Powers recommends embracing and understanding your e-commerce site internally first. Find out why in "Top eCommerce Adoption Tips from a B2B Distributor."

PYMNTS says while planned spending is heavily negotiated and complex, spending on general office needs typically doesn't receive as much attention. Amazon Business focuses on this section that takes up 20 percent of business supply spend. Find out more about their solution in "Why Amazon Business Targets B2B eCommerce’s ‘Tail Spend.’"

Paul Demery from B2BecNews breaks down how to execute your B2B e-commerce strategy, including setting critical time windows, integrating company departments and learning from fellow co-workers. Find out more e-commerce execution tips in "How to put into action B2B e‑commerce strategies."

TradeGecko says if you're planning on selling on Amazon, you have a few different shipping and fulfillment options. TradeGecko breaks down three different fulfillment options along with pros and cons. Determine which is best for your business in "Comparing order fulfillment options: Amazon FBA vs. Seller Fulfilled Prime vs. Fulfillment by Merchant."

Virto Commerce says when choosing an e-commerce platform, you must make sure it meets your specific business needs. For example, the needs of a B2B company are vastly different than a B2C company. Find out these differences and why they require different solutions in "Difference between B2B and B2C ecommerce solution."

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