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Commerce IQ - April 30, 2018

Only 40 percent of B2B businesses surveyed have an e-commerce site. Find out why digital transformation is crucial in the B2B space.

Also included: Forrester Research predicts B2B e-commerce will reach $9 trillion in sales next year. That's nine times their original prediction. Find out how Forrester breaks down projected 2018 commerce figures across six B2B e-commerce channels.

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Commerce IQ - April 26, 2018

Many B2B businesses assume a digital shift means they should mirror B2C e-commerce. But B2B products often require a more complex process, including several configurations and customized price quotes. Find out how B2B e-commerce requires a different approach.

Also included: 17 B2B e-commerce brands unveil the secrets to scalable online success

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Commerce IQ - April 23, 2018

B2B and B2C have historically been very different. And while that's still true today, we're starting to see them overlap more over time. Customers expect B2B businesses to provide B2C-like experiences with personalization and ease of use.

Find out how e-commerce is changing, how blockchain nudges B2B traders to the digital realm and more.

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Commerce IQ - April 16, 2018

While B2B and B2C e-commerce have a lot in common, some important characteristics set them apart. The number of decision-makers is larger, the sales cycles are longer and the stakes are higher. Find out what features you need for acquiring, selling and retaining B2B customers.

Also included: Factors you should consider during your digital transformation.

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