Dreamforce 2017 Recap

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Six Vertical attended Dreamforce 2017 last week in San Francisco. We caught up with Six Vertical CEO Joshua Enders to learn how Six Vertical used the event to advance its vision and build important relationships.

Tell us about your trip to San Francisco to attend this year’s Dreamforce event.

Dreamforce 2017 was a huge event. Although we were there for Dreamforce, we actually focused all of our time on an adjacent event with our main technology partner APTTUS. We met with different people in their sales organization, supported sales meetings, met with analysts that cover the e-commerce space and many others. We were invited to participate on a Circles of Success panel as well.  

Tell us about the APTTUS panel you participated in. 

It was a Circles of Success panel with existing APTTUS customers. I think there were 15 different client attendees that were there. We sat around a table and talked about specific challenges they are facing with rationalizing investment in e-commerce.

We went around the room and each client talked about their journey and where they're at in their evolution using APTTUS' quote-to-cash technologies, and where they want to go next.

We were the only implementation partner to participate, so we were able to field questions about the implementations and how we approach certain problems in certain scenarios.

Did you learn anything from the panel that you want to share internally with Six Vertical?

Yes. Two themes came up in the panel.

The first is clients are struggling to understand how they take all these different modules that are part of the APTTUS solution set and intellectualize how they interplay and coalesce with each other to deliver unified experiences.

APTTUS has a CPQ module, a billing module, an order management module, and then the module we specialize in right now, the e-commerce module, and their clients are trying to figure out how they all work together.

And then the second theme was UI. This is really great because it plays right into our strengths. It's that customer-facing experience, the overall digital experience for customers and partners, and there were a lot of questions how it's made possible and the different technologies that can make up the front-end stack.

So again, all that just plays perfectly to Six Vertical's strength because we're bringing progressive web apps to the enterprise, so it is good to hear the clients sharing those questions with us and giving us an opportunity to answer. It really gave us a chance to flex our muscle.

What stood out the most to you about the panel?

The variety of the industries that were represented and the quality of the companies that make up the APTTUS customer base really stood out. But even amongst the differences between the industries and verticals, the business problems they all faced were very similar.

They're all trying to figure out how to bring back-end data into the customer experience and how to deliver fast, high-performing unified customer experiences without stitching together a bunch of disconnected platforms.

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