7 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Presence

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Facebook may have started out as a social platform for college students, but it quickly blossomed into a social media Goliath that can’t be ignored. That’s especially true for any e-commerce business looking to boost sales.

Consider that 84 percent of online adults ages 30-49 use Facebook, and nearly three-quarters of all adults ages 50-69. What does that say about why you should use Facebook as a marketing tool? It’s simple — Facebook allows you to promote products and specials, keep in touch with current customers and build relationships with new customers, bringing them into the fold.

If you aren’t already integrating Facebook in your marketing plan, don’t wait another second longer. And if you already have, there’s always room to improve. These seven tips can help increase your brand awareness and convert onlookers into paying customers.

1. Have a seamless visual experience

If you use multiple social media platforms to market your e-commerce business, you want to be sure that all your advertising has the same look and feel as your website homepage — both in appearance and in messaging. Customers can find mismatching visual experiences jarring and off-putting, neither of which you want them to associate with your brand.

A corollary to this advice is to be sure to cross-post between your social media channels such as Instagram or Twitter using the same hashtag. It improves your chances of being seen by potential customers.

2. Have a constant presence on your page

You want to have fresh content on your company page to stay relevant and top of mind to your customers. Nearly half of all Facebook users log in daily, and if your content isn’t updated regularly, visitors to your Facebook page will see your lack of engagement and tune your business out accordingly. Gauge how much your customer base wants to hear from you and post accordingly.

3. Judiciously use images in your Facebook posts

Adding an image to your messages increase the odds of your message getting noticed in the flood of posts on your customers’ News Feeds. If you’re a clothing retailer, post photos of new lines as they arrive in your shop. Try to use a unique picture to grab their attention, but also be sure that the picture is appropriate for your brand identity. Also be sure to rotate your cover photo periodically — then share the update to your followers. This is just another way to stay top-of-mind with your customers.

4. Share your posts at the best time

Post when your customers are most likely to be active. For example, a Facebook message posted at 7 p.m. local time results in more clicks on average than posting just an hour later, while on Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18 percent higher than other days. Thus, as an e-commerce site, your best bet might be to post about online specials or coupons on Thursday evenings. Do your research; read more about social media timing and check out SumAll.com to find what time is ideal for your business.

5. Tell your story with your posts

Don’t make every post an obvious marketing pitch — that’ll eventually start turning customers off. Use Facebook to tell stories about your company. Build a relationship with potential customers by sharing stories about employees or how products came to be. Then, when the moment is right, you can bring them to your e-commerce site with news about specials or provide them a coupon code.

6. Let customers engage with you

Take advantage of the social aspect of Facebook as a social media platform. There are lots of ways to have customers engage with you and share your content with their followers — making them your best marketers. Run the occasional contest. Ask customers to tag friends in comments, entering them in your contests. Conduct a survey (added benefit — getting insights into your customers’ wants and needs).  Have readers share their own stories that relate to your posts or products. These positive experiences will pay dividends on your bottom line down the road.

7. Use Facebook for remarketing campaigns

Why waste another chance to convert your e-commerce site visitors into customers? Someone viewed an item on your site, or maybe they abandoned their shopping cart before completing their purchase. Reach out to them with a targeted post that highlights the item and include a discount coupon. This soft-sell approach just might do the conversion trick.

Engage customers where they congregate daily. Facebook is the town square of today, and armed with these tips, you’ll reach your target audience more effectively, increase your Facebook presence and improve your business’ conversion rate.

About the Author

Rene Ferran has spent more than 25 years providing quality content to a variety of online and print publications. He spent 15 years as the lead high school sportswriter for the Tri-City Herald, where he honed his deadline writing skills and ability to quickly assess situations to produce clear, concise and compelling copy.

When he's not slumped over a keyboard, you can probably find him officiating a youth sports event or spending time with his wife and two teenage children.