Q&A: Jocelyn Ma, UX/UI Designer

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We caught up with Six Vertical's newest team member Jocelyn Ma to learn about where her interest in design started and what it was like meeting our team during the interview process.

Where does your interest in UX/UI design come from?

I have a lot of interest in UX/UI design, so I went to the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena and graduated in 2016. In my previous job, I gained UI design experience working on projects like building websites and designing email campaigns.

What interests me most about UX/UI design is its user-centricity. In industrial design, there’s minimal user research, but in UX/UI it's foundational. That’s what helped me discover that I wanted to be a user interface designer – I want to solve the user's needs, identify the problems they encounter and then come up with innovative solutions to their problems. It’s all about understanding the user and their motives.

Why did you choose to join Six Vertical?

I chose Six Vertical because of the opportunity to contribute right away to meaningful projects rather than just doing the same design tasks everyday. When you're able to contribute and work with people with the same goals, there are more opportunities to influence decisions and make things happen. That's what I wanted in my next job.

What was the Six Vertical interview process like for you?

I saw the job on LinkedIn and sent my resume directly to the company's email rather than just applying through LinkedIn. I wanted to stand out and it must have worked because I got a response a couple hours later. 

They setup the first interview really quick and we moved to the second interview in only a few days. It was a really quick process which was refreshing compared to other companies that take weeks to get back to you.

The interview process had four stages. In the second and third meetings I spoke with both managing partners including Christopher (Moyle) who would be my boss. With Christopher, we talked a lot about my skill set and what my responsibilities would be if I was offered the position.

With Joshua (Enders), he wanted to see if we had goals that would fit together. He was very curious to know if my personal aspirations were aligned with the goals of Six Vertical's UX/UI design service line. He asked if I wanted to travel for work, what my main responsibilities were at my previous jobs... that kind of stuff.

I think Joshua looks for people who want to work hard and get better at their craft... to self-improve. He wants everyone to be in aggressive learning mode and to not be passive about gaining new knowledge. I think that’s great!

In the last stage I traveled to Portland to meet with Joshua one-on-one at the Six Vertical office inside of WeWork. It was a cool space. He mostly wanted me to ask him questions and to make sure I understood everything I needed to know about the company to make a decision if an offer was made.

I gained a lot of perspective from that interview... it was really helpful. Before that we only spoke on the phone and GoToMeeting where you can’t see someone’s facial expressions or get a good feel for their personality. Overall my Portland visit was a great experience.

What does Jocelyn Ma look like in two years and how will Six Vertical help you get there?

In the next two years, I want to develop my professional skills and become strong in client-facing situations. I also want to improve my UX/UI design abilities so I can move into a management role and pass on my knowledge and experience to younger designers.

Six Vertical will help get me there by grooming me to become a leader. I'm interested in gaining leadership qualities for two reasons: I want to teach and mentor others, and I also want to continue to learn from others even if they are less experienced than me. I’m also interested in coding. HTML and CSS are good skills for a UI Designer to have and Six Vertical is sponsoring my learning of these technologies.

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