Five Ways To Scale Your E-Commerce Business


E-Commerce businesses that want to grow must constantly work to stay competitive. There's a lot of noise about how to grow an online business and it's challenging to know which tactics work best and where to invest your valuable resources. We cut through the noise with these five tried-and-true methods merchants can take to increase sales and grow their eCommerce business.

Retarget Existing Customers

There are numerous ways to remind a customer that you exist and to provide a solution for their problem in the form of your retail products. You might consider adding an empty-cart reminder or an abandoned-cart reminder for your customers who have placed an item in their shopping cart, but for whatever reason, did not follow through with the purchase. Another way to circle back to customers to make use of re-marketing, which is a fairly new, but brilliant way of being seen off your website. Working with a marketing agency, or doing it yourself, you can track what customers are looking at on your website and then through Google Ads, place those exact products in front of the customer on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It’s a gentle and yet, not-so-subtle reminder of your products.

Optimize For Mobile

Despite it being 2018, many small business owners’ websites are still not mobile ready. Responsive web design has been around for a while now and if you think that mobile phones are going to go away, think again. It’s not enough to just offer a hefty web browser version of your e-commerce site. Customers may not be able to negotiate with your website on their mobile phones and if that is the case, you might as well be burning money. It results in lost sales and a lost opportunity to make a good impression. Think about the last time you loaded up a website on your phone and left because it was impossible to navigate it...customers don’t have time to try to use your website on their phone. Go mobile.

Create Content That Converts

Content marketing is still a very real, and very needed component of any business venture. Sure, the web is littered with content and sometimes we feel like we are drowning in it, but if you want to build a reputation for your e-commerce site, give away as much content as you can. It’s time-consuming, but if you aren’t making sales, what else are you doing with your time? Of course, you can always hire this piece out to a freelancer, but whatever you need to do to create and share content, do it. It is worth it. This is especially profound for e-commerce sites that need to provide a little education for their customers on how to use a product or provide them insight on how the product can help them lead better lives.

Expand Into New Markets

While your e-commerce site might focus on selling one or two kinds of products, brainstorm about additional products you could offer as a complement to your existing products. Up-selling continues to be really productive for a lot of online businesses and for a little investment upfront in time or money, you can create another revenue stream for yourself online. What’s more, you might reach out to a demographic you didn’t previously consider to see if they are a good fit for your product, and vice versa. You can even ask people to test your products and see how they would use it and then share a review or content about it on your website.

Optimize For Speed & Performance

Sure, website speed doesn’t seem that important in the grand scheme of things but have you ever left a website because it took too long to load? You’ve just made the argument for increasing your website speed. It doesn’t take much to clean up yourself to ensure that your images load properly and that your shopping cart offers a quick purchase experience. Consider improving your website speed as a behind-the-scenes way of growing your e-commerce site this year and into the next.

Whether you have a small budget or a big budget to grow your e-commerce site, there are things you can do now to start improving and growing your online business. Choose one or two of the items on this list and start working toward making them a reality in your business. You’ll see a return on your investment with the right execution and dedication to making it work. Remember to give yourself time to figure these things out, and don’t expect them to work perfectly the first go around. You’ll need to play with these options to see what is going to work for you and your e-commerce site.

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John Packam

John Packham is the Content Director at Karrass, a company that specializes in negotiation training for businesses. John is grateful for the many opportunities he's had to share his passion for business and writing. In his free time, you can usually find him on the golf course or relaxing at home with his wife and 2 dogs.

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