7 Factors That Will Drive E-Commerce Growth in 2018

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2017 was a significant year for e-commerce, as several new and impressive tweaks were integrated to online firms. And as we are heading to 2018, the technological developments are taking new twists. Below are the top e-commerce trends for 2018 that will dominate e-commerce businesses in the upcoming year.

1. Big data and analytics are more precise

Big data and analytics have changed most business areas to help them get the best out of their efforts. Nowadays, most consumers’ actions can be converted into some sort of data, and that information will give e-commerce websites more insight into their target group of people.

Both parties are poised to analyze customer demand, bring out extremely personalized user experience and optimize pricing structures in future. The massive amount of data gives way for actualizing a diverse digital marketing culture that is related to the specific intentions.

In that accord, online marketers will understand when and where to channel personalized marketing and native marketing accordingly. And in the end, it also enhances the predictions of marketing endeavors.

2. Mobile usage will be a force in e-commerce

With the development of technology, most people have a phone or tablet today. People usually search for goods and services and even buy them through these devices as opposed to desktop computers.

From surveys, over half of the e-commerce sales are seen to be actualized over mobile devices; and it is expected to rise exponentially over the coming years, which will significantly affect the online establishments.

The surge in the mobile market will prove to be the trendiest thing next year. According to Goldman Sachs, the world revenue share that would be held by mobile e-commerce could span to about $626 billion.

3. Supply chain management is more subjective

Supply chain management has a considerable impact in the e-commerce industry, which is quite volatile to deal with. This area is undergoing major improvements, eventually standing out as one of the potential giants in the e-commerce trends next year.

Three essential factors fuel these adjustments:

Automation — Automation and process integration assists firms to dissipate a clear and straightforward transition of commodity and information flow.

Data sharing — The data including product availability, shipping information and consumer details are availed throughout the supply chain process.

Customer centricity — It is essential to understand your customers' targets, tastes and traits. Effective supply chain management will be reliant on the mentioned aspects to improve its efficiency.

4. Micro-moments marketing are making headlines

When consumers dig for information about a commodity or check the instructions, there are some specific touching points, which are referred to the micro-moments. Designed by Think with Google, the micro-moments are one of the top e-commerce trends expected to dominate in 2018.

Their insatiable need for immediate fulfillment and the always-on access to data through mobile devices is behind this trait. For them to satisfy customer needs, e-commerce sellers take proper actions concerning the customer’s micro-movements. This assists to precisely predict customer actions and behaviors. Huge brands are already laying their offers, taking advantage of these moments.

5. Voice assistant research

Voice assistants have gained significant popularity and desirability in the last couple of years. It is undeniable that people are using voice-activated digital assistants such as Apple Siri and Google Assistant in their day-to-day activities.

Many people even use it to conduct research before making a purchase. A recent survey reported about 40 percent of millennials use voice assistants to research a product before purchasing it online. Therefore, it holds water to be a significant tool in the e-commerce world.

In that accord, the mouse and keyboard will be eliminated slowly while the voice searches make a massive rise to prominence.

6. Messenger applications and chatbots supplement firms

The world chatbot market is expected to grow drastically with a 24.3 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). In fact, over 45 percent of users prefer using chatbots for customer service concerns.

Chatbots give online businesses an upper hand by directly interfacing with the entire batch of customers in a real-time and authentic manner.

Aside from that, online sellers can utilize them as well to:

  • Fuel personalized marketing content

  • Advertise specific deals to potential customers

  • Collect useful insights straight from clients

  • Enhance old-fashioned advertising

Moreover, their integration capability with messenger applications helps to avert app fatigue. Therefore, it is undeniable that the chatbots, integrated with messenger apps will be tremendous players in the e-commerce in 2018.

7. Improved UX/UI for enhanced e-commerce utility

An e-commerce firm's success relies on how the commodities are presented and how straightforward it is for clients to understand them. The two crucial matters can be dealt with by user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design parts.

The UI/UX design has become better over time, and we should expect some major updates with sounder enhancement. This will significantly reduce the annoying poor aesthetics and bring out more responsive layouts. In that respect, we will be prompted to:

  • Prioritize mobile-responsive design, since mobile gadgets are turning out to be the primary source of product information and purchases

  • Practice a clog-free and SEO-friendly user interface with relevant videos, sidebars and animations without forgetting real-time pictures to capture customer attention

  • Offer navigation links to compare commodities with those of other firms to bring about competence

E-commerce trends are continually preparing for an improved client acquisition and retention process in recent years. Not adjusting by these trends could prove to be costly. Therefore, online firms should be on their toes, analyzing the new trends and also developing new creative ideas to stay ahead of the competition. Be extra keen on e-commerce trends for 2018 to be ahead of your competitors in the business world.

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