Trust: A Key Component to Enhance Customer Experience

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Customers have their reasons to relate with a business. It could be the outstanding performance companies promise, their products or an extraordinary sales pitch that captures a customer’s attention. The reasons could be endless. But the same reasons can negatively impact their decision to be associated with a company. What’s more, they may not even notice that all the factors are making an impact on their judgement.

However, in most cases, customers say the decisive factors can be a product’s price, availability, easy purchase process and timely delivery. But are these truly the only factors they should consider when choosing a company for their services? Probably not.

Instead, they also focus on factors like trust. That’s right. They seek companies that focus on building strong relations with their customers on the basis of trust.

Focus on making all your customer experiences positive. If you do, more people will be open to purchasing your products or services. Sound pleasant? Yes, it does. But to move towards creative positive experience; think of ways that help you build trust with customers. After all, how people perceive and interact with your business is vital to your company’s success.

Let’s take a look at the key components that help you enhance customer experience hassle-free.

Fulfill all your promises

One of the best ways to build or destroy trust is to deliver or break your promises. Typical examples of how companies break their promises include late deliveries, not providing the help you promised, not refunding the money you promised or claiming that your products or services provide something they don’t.

Smaller factors (such as forgetting to answer an email) also impact client-customer relations. Communication is crucial to  building trust. Simply put, even small mistakes can make a huge impact, as your customers will not believe you will come through for bigger things if you can’t answer a simple email.

If you let your customers down, all of their future experiences and interactions with your business will be met with a dose of skepticism and reduced trust, which means their experiences will be negative. This is a slippery slope leading to loss of customers. This is why you need to make sure you are honest with all your customers and that you don’t make promises you cannot fulfill.

Communicate with your customers  

Today business is more complex and there are countless changes and problems in even the most stable companies. In these situations, you cannot hang your customers out to dry. Always inform them about what is happening and deliver consistent messages throughout all of your communication channels.

For example, if your checkout page is currently down, add live chat to your website so customers can instantly get in touch. This way you can explain what is going on and tell them when your online store will be operational. Even though your customers might feel annoyed and upset, you need to empathize with them and apologize for their troubles, as this is how you will preserve their trust.

If you don’t inform customers or provide different information through your communication channels, you will destroy your reputation and damage trust. This is why it is essential to make sure all employees have the same information about what’s happening. You cannot allow your live support chat and social media accounts to provide contradicting information.

Be consistent

Consistency is essential in business. When a company is consistent in all its efforts, people can rely on the business and know what to expect. Your pricing, customer service, branding, marketing and so on needs to be consistent. Make it easy for your customers to predict how your business will behave.

One of the most important areas where you need to be very consistent is branding. Given the fact that a brand can have many assets, it can be easy to lose track of them and create different versions of your brand which are not consistent with each other. Simply put, you cannot send out different messages through different channels and expect people to believe in your brand.

The features, discounts and quality of service and products that you promise your customers customers also needs to be consistent. This fosters comfort when customers know their options. In turn, this will lead to more purchases and a willingness to engage with your brand. Getting unexpected surprises can greatly ruin customer experience and make them feel like they’ve been let down.

Offer transparency

Transparency is crucial when it comes to building trust. Your processes, actions, communications and marketing efforts need to be transparent, and over time your customers will learn to rely on all of these things to make the right decisions. Be open with all of your incentives and offer valuable content with a purpose of providing reliable information rather than trying to make a sale.

Consumers have complete control over their buying cycle and they are the ones who decide when and how they will consume content. If this content gives them the information they seek in a transparent way and they can lean on your business to gain truthful information, they will repay that with trust.

Simply put, when customers know a business doesn’t have hidden motives and gives them all the information they need, it will be much easier for them to trust that organization.

Final thoughts

Remember that customers are important in modern business. You need to fight for consumers and build a loyal base of customers in order to grow. Customers can easily turn to other businesses for products or services just like yours. To stop them from approaching other service providers, it is essential that your business works towards building a customer relationship based on trust.

To summarize, you can foster trust through:

  • Fulfilling promises

  • Constant communication (including live chat)

  • Consistency throughout marketing, pricing, branding, customer support and more

  • Transparency for all support processes

These actions build trust between brand and customer, build a stronger customer base and help you reach more potential consumers. This is why trust is so valuable to your company’s success. You’re building your brand when you build trust with your customers.

About the Author

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Jared Cornell is a customer-support ninja and a marketing evangelist working with for more than five years. After wearing many hats as a sales specialist, a content marketer and a brief stint as project manager, Jared found customer support to be the passion-fueled calling while working with ProProfs Chat.

Being an avid book lover, he regularly visits the library and is always keen to develop new strategies to help customers seeking live chat assistance for a delightful experience.

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