Who We Are

We're laser-focused on being excellent at one thing

Building and implementing digital commerce solutions is all we do. Our dedication and commitment to a single discipline shapes every part of our agency. It impacts how we recruit, who we hire and how we train our staff.

Our software developers have mastery in a specific set of engineering challenges and have a growing code repository they leverage across projects for maximum efficiency and speed.

Our managing consultants and analysts come from the commerce industry and speak with authority on digital commerce matters during our client engagements. 


Our ideas are what make us different

Modern digital commerce experiences delivered through a browser are architected and built as software applications, not web sites.
— Joshua Enders / Six Vertical CEO

Strategy + Implementation

Six Vertical does more than just develop from a set of requirements. We shape our clients’ futures and help them plot a course to bring their digital commerce strategy to life.

Six Vertical Strategy engagements focus on your business objectives, customer needs, competitiveness, value proposition and capabilities of your development team.

We dive deep into topics related to master data management, user experience, integration and distribution; with the goal of creating a strategy capable of fulfilling your unique objectives.


Next Steps