Six Vertical Enables Enterprises To Deliver Ultra-Fast Mobile B2B Commerce On The APTTUS Intelligent Cloud

PORTLAND, OR., April 11, 2017 -- Six Vertical, a provider of innovative digital commerce solutions for the modern enterprise, is pleased to announce its upcoming presentation on mobile commerce and artificial intelligence at the APTTUS Accelerate user conference in San Francisco on May 3, 2017.

The joint presentation with APTTUS, “Intelligent Mobile B2B Commerce - Capitalizing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Meet Rising Mobile Customer Expectations,” will demonstrate how the confluence of modern front-end frameworks and intelligent services are reshaping the expectation of mobile experiences.

The session includes a live demo that shows how to effectively deliver product configuration in a mobile experience and how machine learning can automate notifications that drive an increase in self-service orders and e-commerce adoption.

“We’re excited to show APTTUS customers what modern mobile B2B commerce looks like on the APTTUS Intelligent Cloud," said Six Vertical Managing Partner Joshua Enders. "Most APTTUS customers we talk to struggle to see how CPQ and E-Commerce work together. Six Vertical's R&D investments have recently yielded breakthroughs on how to deliver ultra-fast front-end commerce experiences that leverage the complex product, pricing and business rules already in APTTUS CPQ."

Visit the APTTUS Accelerate website for more information.

"Intelligent Mobile B2B Commerce"
Presentation on how to deliver high-quality mobile commerce experiences with APTTUS CPQ as the back-end application.

Presented by Christopher Moyle, Managing Partner, Six Vertical

May 3, 2017
4:15pm - 4:45pm PST

Pier 48, San Francisco

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Six Vertical Group LLC is a modern digital agency that helps companies of all sizes solve the challenges of selling through digital channels. Six Vertical builds and implements digital commerce solutions for enterprise and small business clients worldwide. Six Vertical has two practice areas: Enterprise Digital Commerce and SMB Digital Commerce. Both practices offer professional services for e-commerce platform delivery, mobile commerce and app development. Six Vertical is an APTTUS implementation partner and Shopify partner. Privately held, Six Vertical is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about Six Vertical's enterprise B2B e-commerce, Shopify Commerce, and mobile commerce capabilities visit To join the conversation, follow @sixvertical on Twitter.

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