Six Vertical Launches ‘Six Vertical Burst’ To Speed E-Commerce Deliveries And Cut Operational Impact

PORTLAND, OR., May 1, 2017 -- Six Vertical, a digital agency and APTTUS implementation partner, announced today the launch of ‘Six Vertical Burst’, an innovative services delivery model that launches new e-commerce sites on the APTTUS Intelligent Cloud and Shopify Plus in 30-, 60- and 90-day options.

Six Vertical Burst is designed for companies of all sizes to accelerate time-to-value and dramatically reduce the amount of time client-side resources spend supporting the e-commerce implementation projects.

Six Vertical has developed a streamlined delivery model and an extensive code repository that contains reusable commerce components, design files, pre-built integration connectors and custom code. Developed during 10,000+ digital commerce project hours, Six Vertical’s digital assets shorten its development cycles and decreases cost of services.

Six Vertical Burst clients can choose from a set of pre-built e-commerce themes that work seamlessly with the APTTUS and Shopify commerce platforms. Six Vertical's e-commerce themes were built with modern, open source web technologies and deliver fast, high-performing customer experiences on web and mobile.

Six Vertical Burst is available globally and offered as set-price, set-scope service packages with fixed 30-day, 60-day and 90-day delivery timelines. Each Six Vertical Burst package is standalone and includes a comprehensive set of services needed to execute digital commerce transactions with varying levels of front-end UI modifications and systems integration scope.

Industry analysts estimate the global digital commerce platform market will grow at a compound annual growth rate over 15% from 2015 through 2020. Fueling this growth is growing demand among enterprises to migrate off on-premise software to born-in-the-cloud platforms such as APTTUS Intelligent Cloud and Shopify Plus.

The modern enterprise expects the cloud platform to reduce its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) including the cost of services to implementation and maintain these systems. The problem these companies face is many service providers that implement cloud platforms have resisted making their delivery models more efficient and shorten project timelines.

“As a digital agency with deep expertise building and implementing e-commerce technologies, Six Vertical has developed a delivery playbook and large repository of reusable assets that enable use to implement full-featured e-commerce stores at unmatched speeds,” said Joshua Enders, Founder and Managing Partner, Six Vertical. “Six Vertical Burst is our response to the changing expectation of the technology buyer who wants to see efficiency in how consulting services are delivered and at costs much lower than the on-premise era.”

Six Vertical is attending APTTUS Accelerate San Francisco, California, USA on May 3-4, 2017. The company is offering in-person sessions with its digital commerce consultants and delivering a presentation called “E-Commerce Innovations to Drive Revenue in a Hurry” on May 3 at 4:15pm. APTTUS Accelerate is located at Pier 48 in San Francisco. 

-- Visit the APTTUS Accelerate website for more information.

About Six Vertical Group LLC

Six Vertical Group LLC is a modern digital agency that helps companies of all sizes solve the challenges of selling through digital channels. Six Vertical builds and implements digital commerce solutions for enterprise and small business clients worldwide. Six Vertical has two practice areas: Enterprise Digital Commerce and SMB Digital Commerce. Both practices offer professional services for e-commerce platform delivery, mobile commerce app development. Six Vertical is an APTTUS and Shopify Plus implementation partner. Privately held, Six Vertical is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about Six Vertical's enterprise B2B e-commerce, Shopify Commerce, and mobile commerce capabilities visit To join the conversation, follow @sixvertical on Twitter.

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