StayIn PDX makes the technology leap

Frank Manning moved to Portland with a business idea and some inspiration. He set out to change how busy professionals thought about dinner, and make it easy for them to cook healthy meals at home. In 2016, Frank founded a meal kit delivery startup called StayIn PDX and set his plan in motion.

StayIn PDX delivers hand-prepared meal kits with 100% locally-sourced ingredients to professional offices, apartment buildings, and co-working spaces. Each meal kit consists of fresh ingredients, easy-to-follow cooking instructions, and environment-friendly packaging. The recipes are created by StayIn's award-winning chefs and change every week.


Stayin's initial customer acquisition strategy focused on building relationships with high-traffic delivery locations. Frank would introduce the service to office buildings and co-working spaces and market directly to the employees and freelancers.

While this strategy was effective at creating the company's initial traction, Frank knew for his startup to 'breakout' his customer acquisition strategy had to expand into corporate accounts. The big problem Frank faced was his eCommerce site was not ready for B2B customers, nor was his sales process.


Strategy & Solutions

Six Vertical worked with StayIn PDX to modify its Shopify-based eCommerce site to include must-have features to attract corporate customers. We developed a custom application that supported 'companies' and 'employees' where previously the site only supported individuals.

A new 'Company Administrator' user type was introduced and so were features that supported bulk registration and employee user management. Client administrators were had new capabilities that made it possible register on behalf of employees and deactivate users no longer with the company.

The new eCommerce site also supported 'split payments' which helped drive increased adoption. StayIn often negotiated subsidies where the employer would pay for a percentage of the meal kit cost as an employee perk. During checkout, the system would split the payment and reduce employee out-of-pocket costs.

For the first time, StayIn PDX was able to support the unique needs of corporate administrators and employee customers. Frank was ready to deploy the next phase of his customer acquisition strategy, but first he needed to sharpen his presentation.

Six Vertical helped StayIn PDX through a value-added service to optimize its direct sales process for corporate buyers.

We worked directly with Frank to update messaging, modify sales scripts, and redesign sales materials. We reworked the sales presentation to speak directly to corporate buyer concerns and introduced a sales demo that highlighted the B2B capabilities of the newly-enhanced eCommerce site.
"When we started working with Six Vertical, we didn't have any large business accounts. Everything we'd done to that point was direct to the individual. The new capabilities we added to our eCommerce site made our corporate pitch more compelling and built confidence that we could meet the needs of large groups of employees."
Frank Manning, Founder, CEO


Better technology. More opportunities.

Improved Sales Effectiveness

Armed with an eCommerce site that supported corporate employees, a sharpened sales pitch, and a compelling demo, Frank ramped up prospecting for business accounts.

StayIn PDX immediately saw a sharp increase in the number of large account opportunities in the pipeline. Within one month of activating the new sales process, Frank signed on Puppet Labs (500 employees) and advanced deals with OHSU -- Oregon's largest employer.

Improved User Experience

StayIn PDX improved the user experience by implementing new features that streamlined previously time-consuming tasks.

The Shopify-integrated custom app developed by Six Vertical simplified the setup process for corporate accounts. StayIn could quickly set up new account records, custom pricing rules, and delegate user management permissions to a client administrator.

Once impossible to do, client administrators were able to manage all employees under their account. They could create new employer user records, send invites by email, and deactivate users no longer with the company.


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