Waste Management Turns Its Call Center Into a Profit Center

Waste Management is the largest environmental solutions provider in North America. It serves more than 21 million municipal, commercial and industrial customers in the U.S. and Canada.

In its quest to empower its call center agents and improve the commerce experience for its residential customers, Waste Management wanted to deploy order-on-behalf e-commerce solution to its call centers.

Waste Management chose to work with Six Vertical, a digital commerce and customer experience agency, to rapidly develop an e-commerce POC in a short timeframe tailored for its call center use case.

Six Vertical applied our deep e-commerce domain and technical expertise to provide Waste Management with a feature-rich proof-of-concept aligned with its long-term transformation goals.


Strategy & Solution

Six Vertical designed and developed a future-ready commerce architecture on top of Salesforce (@salesforce) and APTTUS (@apttus) technologies.

The front-end architecture was built with Six Vertical's proprietary B2B commerce Progressive Web App framework consisting of UX guidelines, HTML/CSS templates and Angular components working together.

The platform was designed to enable a number of new capabilities for Waste Management, such as the ability search across millions of SKUs to locate services by postal code, and to fetch real-time pricing from a global pricing structure via an on-premise web service.

The new platform enabled call center agents to efficiently respond to customer needs during inbound support calls and seamlessly transition to booking and confirming scheduled services.

Waste Management Solution


Waste Management's POC proved the new platform could significantly enhance the company’s call center capabilities and empower its agents to drive more revenue and a better customer experience on support calls.

Becoming more efficient is helping Waste Management stay in the lead in a highly competitive and fast-changing environmental services industry.


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