Enterprise E-Commerce FAQs

Can we continue to use our CMS to manage content?

We use a CMS to manage our websites and content. Are we able to continue to use it? Yes. This is a very common requirement of our clients. Six Vertical has built storefront themes that are decoupled from the underlying Apttus platform. We build your front-end presentation layer using AngularJS, HTML and CSS and integrate with e-commerce data and logic using Apttus' REST APIs.

We give you code-level access to the front-end files. This approach gives our clients full control over the presentation layer and an ability to integrate with the CMS. We begin discussion how we will integrate your CMS with the web storefront during the first sprint of the implementation.

Does your software work with Adobe Experience Manager?


Managing Content

APTTUS E-Commerce

Does Apttus E-Commerce work with Apttus CPQ?

Yes. The Apttus E-commerce application has the same data model as Apttus CPQ. They share the products, orders, price lists and promotions objects. If your company already licenses Apttus CPQ, Apttus E-commerce uses all of the data, rules and integrations created during your CPQ implementation.


Will my e-commerce store by PCI compliant?

Yes. Customer credit cards are securely processed by your payment gateway.