6V Digicom Summit

The 6V Digicom Summit is a one-day immersion into the world of modern digital commerce. We give you key insights and an actionable plan to build a successful digital commerce business. 

Six Vertical Digicom Summit

The 6V Digicom Summit is a one-day, fully-immersive digital commerce consulting session led by Six Vertical senior leadership. The day includes insightful discussion about digital commerce trends and the fast-evolving technology landscape. We take you through a deep evaluation of your current-state eCommerce business and learn about your vision for the future. You will leave with perspective-changing insights and a practical rollout plan to bring your digital commerce vision to life.

This executive-level event will teach you how leading brands, both B2C and B2B, build and scale their digital commerce businesses. We walk you through recent case studies and reveal the strategies and technologies behind their market-changing eCommerce channels.


The 6V Digicom Summit is part master class, part design session created to teach companies how eCommerce solutions are built today and to develop a clear path forward to modernize their own digital commerce channels.

Joshua Enders, Six Vertical CEO



Tapping into Six Vertical's deep domain experience in commerce technologies, you will discover how modern commerce solutions are built. You will learn how commerce platforms have evolved to create new revenue opportunities beyond just the web. We will show you ways companies are generating revenue in the call center, through partner networks, on social platforms and more.

Discovery & Assessment

The day includes discovery sessions where we learn about how you currently deliver eCommerce. We learn about your customers and how they buy from you. We examine the products and services you sell online and their pricing structures. We assess the technologies you currently use for eCommerce and begin to develop personalized plan for you to future-proof your online business.

Customized E-Commerce Program Plan

After the summit concludes, we take everything discovered and create a customized E-Commerce Program Plan that lays out a clear path forward for you to implement your eCommerce strategy. The plan is organized into logical phases that prioritize the customers, partners and product lines you will activate first, second and so on.

Leveraging our deep commerce technology domain expertise, we propose a solution architecture consisting of best-in-class technologies needed to fulfill your eCommerce vision. Since there's never been a successful eCommerce strategy that didn't have the right people to make it work, we breakdown the specific skills sets and proficiencies your company will need to cultivate or hire to achieve your goals. 

The E-Commerce Program Plan is a high-quality deliverable worthy of senior-leadership review. Past attendees say it's helped them gain executive sponsorship, strengthen a business case and gain budget approval for their eCommerce initiatives. We deliver a finalized plan within one week after the summit concludes.

Cost & Location

Portland Highlights

The 6V Digicom Summit is a free event if attended at our Portland office.

For companies that want to hold the summit at their own office or other location of their choosing, we'll happily come to you. If the location is in North America, the event fee is $5,000. The event fee is $10,000 for locations outside North America.

Summits delivered at our Portland office are reserved to small groups of no more than 6 people to ensure a productive session.

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