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Six Vertical enables brands to build amazing digital experiences, faster.

We give brands rapid access to experienced software professionals that helps them quickly assemble teams and avoid hiring costs. Our consultants have the full suite of creative and technical skills companies need to build high-quality web applications.

Our multidisciplinary bench includes business analysts, UX/UI designers, developers and software testers. We can augment your team at individual roles when you need added capacity or, provide a full team that runs your entire product development process.

Our service model is flexible, agile and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. When there's short lead times and tight deadlines, we can rapidly scale your team and increase productivity. For long-term needs, we provide cost-effective options for dedicated consultants embedded in your team and become part of your corporate culture.


It takes a team to build great experiences.

Building modern web applications requires a careful orchestration of analytical, design and engineering skills. We provide companies with experienced professional at each key role on a development team.

Solution Design: Your app foundation is intelligently designed and documented by our analysts and architects

UX/UI Design: Our creative designers create high-fidelity prototypes using Sketch and InVision

Engineering: Your digital experience is built by engineers with deep full-stack expertise

Testing: Our QA Engineers ensure quality standards are met with a mix of manual and automated testing



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