E-Commerce Ops Summit

Our E-Commerce Ops Summit event is a one-day immersion into how top e-commerce companies assemble and manage the digital teams that operate their e-commerce sites.

Six Vertical Digicom Summit

The E-Commerce Ops Summit is a one-day executive-level consulting event led by Six Vertical senior leadership. The day includes insightful discussion about the inner-workings of the digital teams behind some of the best e-commerce sites in the world.

We will teach you how leading brands, both B2C and B2B, build a culture of experimentation to gain a deep understanding of their in-market customers. We walk you through recent case studies and reveal the day-to-day operational models behind market-changing e-commerce sites.


“The E-Commerce Ops Summit was created to teach digital leaders where they need to focus their attention and investment to create a digital team capable of operating a competitive e-commerce channel.”

Joshua Enders, Six Vertical chief executive


What’s Included?

Pre-Event Discovery

The engagement is front-loaded with two (2) discovery meetings to help us learn about your business and goals. We gather information so we can tailor the event to your individual needs and deliver maximum value. This meetings are held remotely by web conference.

Immersive Sessions

The summit lasts from 10am to 4pm and is filled with speakers, case studies, workshops and exercises designed to help you learn where you should focus your investments to create a digital team capable of effectively executing your e-commerce strategy.

Catered Lunch

For events held at our Portland office, lunch is catered by a favorite local family-owned small business. For off-site events, we will coordinate with you to have lunch catered and delivered by the provider of your choice.

What topics are covered?

The event agenda covers the topics described below. We tailor the content and exercises to leave your with the most practical information possible. Some of the details we take into consideration when we modify the event’s content is your industry, sector, company size, target customer profiles, geographies and selling models (B2B, B2C and business-to-employee… among others).

Discovery & Assessment

The day includes discovery sessions where we learn about how you currently deliver eCommerce. We learn about your customers and how they buy from you. We examine the products and services you sell online and their pricing structures. We assess the technologies you currently use for eCommerce and begin to develop personalized plan for you to future-proof your online business.


Tapping into Six Vertical's deep domain experience in commerce technologies, you will discover how modern commerce solutions are built. You will learn how commerce platforms have evolved to create new revenue opportunities beyond just the web. We will show you ways companies are generating revenue in the call center, through partner networks, on social platforms and more.

Who Should Attend?

Executives responsible for commercial performance of the e-commerce channel. You've been awakened to how digital technology is impacting your market. You're watching the competition adapt and are responsible for establishing a competitive position. You're involved in mid- and long-term strategic planning and concerned about how your business will compete over the next 3-10 years.

Digital experience and e-commerce channel managers. You manage the day-to-day operations of a team of digital specialists that owns the e-commerce site. You spend significant time thinking about operational efficiency and resource productivity. You collect data and create the business case for investing in commerce technologies. You establish the digital team’s hiring agenda and influence which outside consultants the e-commerce teams works with.

Commercial product owners. You strive to have a deep understanding of the behavior of your in-market customers. You believe consistent product messaging across channels is crucial to sales effectiveness, and you want to know how to get e-commerce to work with other sales channels. You often think about ways to improve sales effectiveness using digital technology.

HR and organizational development managers. You’re focused on aligning your organization’s capabilities with rapidly changing and complex environments. You’re responsible for implementing hiring and employee development plans aligned with commercial initiatives. You want to hire the best talent your company brand is able to attract, and knowing how to assess technical skills and e-commerce domain knowledge is a top priority.

Cost & Location

Portland Highlights

The event fee is:

  • $7,500 if held at our Portland office

  • $10,000 at off-site location (North America)

  • $20,000 at off-site location (outside North America)

Events delivered at our Portland office are reserved to small groups of no more than 6 people to ensure a productive session.

Frequently Asked Questions

My company sells subscriptions. Can you tailor the event to focus on how to operate and grow a subscription business?

If your organization is a subscription business, or if your catalog includes subscription products or services, we will modify the event agenda to focus on subscription management topics. For example, we will modify the 'Technology' component of the agenda to include subscription management platforms. We will highlight the must-track KPIs crucial to subscriber growth and retention, and present case studies of leading subscription businesses.

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