E-Commerce UX Audit

We help e-commerce sites unlock hidden revenues with actionable user experience recommendations

Teams that manage e-commerce channels recognize the correlation between user experience and revenue. Better UX drives higher conversions which generates more sales. While the relationship between UX and revenue is easy to understand, implementing a great user experience eludes most organizations because design decisions are largely influenced by individual bias and “what other sites do.”

The most effective way to achieve a user experience that drives higher conversions is to base UX/UI design decisions on credible usability research and data. That’s where we come in.

Full-Site UX Audit

Our UX experts will perform an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your e-commerce site and write a 50+ page report describing 30 prioritized high-impact user experience improvements. Your report will explain each UX guideline used in the assessment and provide detailed recommendations with best-practice implementation examples from leading e-commerce sites.

What does the UX audit include?

The scope of our ‘Full-Site UX Audit’ includes:

  • Analysis and assessment of your homepage, category navigation, search, product details pages, product listings pages, checkout pages and mobile web user experience. The assessment is delivered by a certified Six Vertical UX Consultant. We utilize UX guidelines and usability benchmarks from Baymard Institute’s findings from 32,000+ hours of large-scale usability testing.

  • Our e-commerce UX consultants write a detailed 50+ page report with 30 research-backed suggestions for improvement. Each suggestion includes a description of the identified issue along with a proposed solution and one best practice example from a leading e-commerce site.

  • 2-3 hour remote video meeting with your team to review the audit results, discuss the UX guidelines and research behind them and our UX improvement suggestions.

What are the focus areas of the audit?

The audit focuses on seven (7) key areas of your site. We analyze each area for usability and alignment with research-backed UX guidelines.

A Full-Site UX Audit focus on these areas:

Homepage: homepage structure and layout decisions, personalization features and promotions.

Category Navigation: category taxonomy and structure, the overall catalog breadth and navigation pattern chosen for main site navigation, category depth and use of industry-specific naming conventions.

Search (on-site): the type of search queries supported, what and how your product data is searched, the logic for autocomplete suggestions, “No results” pages, the layout search results page how search-driven faceted filters are implemented.

Product Listings & Filters: design and usability of your category and product listing pages, design and logic for all filtering and sorting tools, list item design and information, use of product thumbnails, how products are loaded, and product comparison features.

Product Details pages: the design and usability of your product page, including the layout and structure, product images and videos, the image gallery UI, product descriptions and specs, “Add to Cart”, user reviews & submission forms, cross sell, up sell, etc.

Checkout pages: the user experience of your entire checkout flow, including shopping cart, account selection, guest checkout, detailed form field usability, field labels, security concerns, shipping methods, payment methods and fields, wording of error messages, etc.

Mobile UX (limited scope): in addition to auditing all of the above site elements on your mobile website, we also audit for mobile specific issues, such as how the interface handles users’ lack of page overview, touch interactions and hit areas for the main menu, mobile image zoom, mobile search , mobile touch keyboards, design deviations between mobile and desktop, etc.

How much does it cost? How long does it take?

  • A Full Site UX Audit costs $8,000

  • Price is adjusted for partial site audits

  • Turnaround time is 15-20 working days

  • Lead time for us to start your audit is 5-10 working days

Who creates the report and what are their qualifications?

Your UX Audit report is created by a certified Six Vertical e-commerce UX professional. Six Vertical partners with independent web usability research firm Baymard Institute to train and certify our consultants. Certified as an E-Commerce UX Professional, our consultants are trained to leverage Baymard’s 32,000+ hours of usability research to help companies improve e-commerce performance.

Can I see a sample of the report?

Yes. We’ll happily provide you with a preview of your personalized UX Audit Report at no cost. Your free report sample will include two UX improvement recommendations focused on the area of your choice. This is a courtesy service with no risk and no obligation to purchase the Full Site UX Audit. Turnaround time is 5-10 working days.

Improve Your E-Commerce UX

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