eCommerce Technology

Six Vertical helps brands build their eCommerce business on modern platforms without paying big fees

We have technical expertise in the Salesforce and Shopify commerce platforms. We have proven success building eCommerce sites on these platforms for companies of all sizes including enterprise, mid-market and small businesses.

Project Accelerators

Our project accelerators consist of proprietary technologies we reuse across projects. Their purpose is to dramatically shorten development cycles and reduce cost of services. They enable us to work efficiently and get the job done fast without sacrificing quality.

Our platform migration accelerators consists of a baseline data migration plan, a proprietary Storefront Reference Architecture (called Mosaic), web services and controllers, pre-integrated screen templates, stylesheets, icons and a lot more.

These assets are ready to go on Day One of your project and can reduce the total work effort by up to 50%.


Set-Scope, Set-Fee Packages

Our set-scope, set-fee packages create numerous benefits that drive costs down. Among them are allowing us to standardize our implementation plan and create repeatable processes. This makes it possible to do our work more efficiently and deliver more output in less time.

Our service packages are based on our deep experience learning the must-do tasks for a successful migration and those best deferred to later phases. Our platform migration packages keep your Phase One scope lean and drive out unnecessary costs.  They also deflect scope creep which ensures your migration stays on-track and on-budget.


Recent Work

Case Study

Shopify Plus migration helps scale skin care brand

Six Vertical solves critical performance issues by migrating a lifestyle brand's subscription eCommerce business from Woo Commerce to the Shopify Plus SaaS eCommerce platform.
Case Study

KUKA AG: Improving the Customer Experience

KUKA chose Six Vertical to migrate its eCommerce storefront to a new architecture that would better serve its global corporate customer base and internal employees.

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