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Welcome to the Six Vertical Writer’s Community. We offer opportunities to post articles about the e-commerce industry on our Insights Blog.

Our blog is a resource for entrepreneurs, e-commerce practitioners and digital leaders to learn about the strategies, tactics and technologies they’ll need to build a competitive digital commerce business.

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Review Blog Topics

Review our blog topics to get an idea of what we cover. This list includes a broad list of topics, so please dive deeper into your chosen topic. Present a specific angle in your piece.

We're open to suggestions for new topics as well. Please submit your ideas to hello@sixvertical.com.

Review Writing Guidelines

Please review our writing guidelines below.

Audience & Tone

Our readers are business-minded professionals responsible for the commercial performance of their organization’s e-commerce site. They're salespeople, marketing practitioners, developers, IT professionals and leaders within their companies. They're eager to learn the latest strategies and techniques to do their jobs effectively. Our readers are mature adults that want actionable insights, not hacks or gimmicks. Always keep our audience in mind when developing your pitch and writing your article.

Content Quality

We expect well-researched articles that show you have a strong grasp of the subject matter. The articles we accept most are written by people with actual experience in the e-commerce domain. To improve the chances we’ll accept your article, choose a topic where you know what you’re talking about. We reserve the right to edit articles as we see fit. We reserve the right to reject articles lacking a demonstrable grasp of the topic.

Original Content

Your articles must be original content. Always cite your sources, whether you use the content directly (quotes) or indirectly (paraphrasing). We analyze all articles for plagiarism and will reject copied content.

Word Count

600+ words

Pitch Your Article Idea

Pitch your article ideas based on one of our blog topics. Please provide a title, description and outline of what you will cover in the article. Please also include a few writing samples. You may provide links to past articles or attach files of your work.

Please submit your pitches and writing samples to hello@sixvertical.com.

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